Ambitious For Children

Kyra is a thriving Teaching School Alliance of over 50 schools in Lincolnshire who are committed to working together to secure the very best outcomes for our children.

What is a Teaching School
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What We Do

As a Teaching School we have a challenging and exciting remit: through our talented and forward thinking partnership we will contribute significantly to improving outcomes for children; holding ourselves to account for the impact of our activity. We will work transformationally, collaboratively and inspirationally to rise to the challenge of improving outcomes for children in all our schools

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Kyra DNA

"we will harness our collective professionalism, expertise, and moral purpose, to ensure no one is left behind, and every school and individual in our partnership thrives – to the benefit of all children"

Ambitions for Children Ambitions for Children

A Learning Community A Learning Community

Builders of Social Capital Builders of Social Capital

Celebrating Diversity Celebrating Diversity

Quality & Impact Quality & Impact

Moral Purpose Moral Purpose

Kyra Kids

To be truly ambitious for children, as an alliance we must ensure the connections we build have children at the centre. The Kyra Kids Council is a unique collaboration across the alliance, ensuring that we always have pupil voice at the heart of our activity, an opportunity for pupils to contribute to school improvement and to experience enriching activities. #ambitiousforchildren

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