Why work in a Kyra school?

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about the opportunities you will have by choosing to work in a Kyra school. If your schools is a member of the Kyra Teaching School Alliance, it means that your school is ambitious for children, and committed to working in partnership to achieve our shared vision:

“We will work together to ensure that all children across our schools benefit from the highest standards of teaching and learning and are inspired, supported and prepared to fulfil their potential. Our ability to achieve this depends on our expertise, skills and capacity as teachers, leaders and support staff. We will draw upon our collective professionalism to create a learning community that enables every adult to make the greatest contribution possible and play their full part in fulfilling this commitment to our children.” Kyra Vision 

Through your partnership with Kyra, you will be ….


  • Together we will be a positive voice in education, believing in the transformative power of education to transform lives
  • You will be part of a network of schools who are ambitious for all our children, believing that together we can create a better education
  • Kyra will build on our international links to create opportunities for secondments for teachers and leaders locally and further afield
  • There will be ongoing regular opportunities to connect teachers, leaders and support staff to inspirational schools, events, conferences and research from beyond our borders, as well as within Lincolnshire
  • Kyra schools have pledged to act in the best interests of the alliance of schools at all times, and support one another where we can to talent spot, coach, mentor and develop our colleagues.


  • Working in a Kyra school will mean that you have access to high quality progressional development, research, coaching and mentoring to develop your career, giving you opportunities to work in different schools through secondment programmes and exchanges
  • We work with schools to offer a career pathways for you, building on your interests and strengths to ensure that you have the opportunity to grow as a professional making a contribution to children and schools across our alliance


  • You will have the opportunity to work with professionals across a diverse group of schools, connecting and learning from others through joint practice development, research and professional learning communitiies
  • There are a number of different networking opportunities for you to share your expertise and benefit from progressional dialogue about pupil progress and learning
  • We offer recruitment events and careers fares for teachers and leaders looking for ways to develop their career.

“Our opportunity is to create something truly transformational that translates in to a better education system for all … we will harness our collective professionalism, expertise, and moral purpose, to ensure no child is left behind, and every school and individual in our partnership thrives – to the benefit of all children.”