What is the Kyra Research School

Kyra Teaching School Alliance is just one of five across England to be initially chosen for the project to be part of a network of new Research Schools. The aim of each Research School is to bridge the gap between education research and classroom practice, helping teachers make better use of evidence to implement ‘what works’ in their classrooms.

The Kyra Research School will provide regular communication, events and training for leaders and teachers on how to improve classroom practice based on the best available evidence. Kyra will also support its schools to further improve practice through research and help them measure the effectiveness of their work.

The Research School key aims are to:

  • Inspire engagement
  • Grow capacity
  • Identify local champions
  • Build partnerships
  • Achieve Sustainability
  • Be ambitious for children


These aims will be made possible through: the provision of professional development to support teachers and other practitioners to access, engage in and monitor research; the provision of resources and key information relating to research-evidence and how to apply it; the work of our Research Champions who will provide ongoing support and advice to colleagues; and the development of more Professional Learning Communities around specific areas of research.

Alongside this, a number of projects such as Mobilise project, the Digital Feedback in Primary Maths project led by James Siddle and established professional learning communities will all feed into, and be supported by, our work.

“There is lots of knowledge out there that will help school leaders and teachers to further improve their teaching and pupil results” says Marie-Claire Bretherton, Executive Head of Kyra, “but it can be difficult to share research across schools in ways that really make a difference in the classroom.

“As a Research School we’ll be leading the way in bridging the gap between education research and the classroom. The work will create big benefits for pupils because it will encourage their teachers to use the latest research and knowledge of what practices are most effective in their classrooms.

“An added benefit will be that new knowledge into what works best in classrooms can be shared more easily between schools across the country through the other Research Schools.”

The Research School will be overseen by James Siddle – Head of the Research School, and Juliet Brookes, Research and Development Leader at Kyra. As James said at the recent Research School Conference, the success of the network will depend on the participation, commitment and collaboration of practitioners across Lincolnshire and the wider region. We are already delighted by the level of engagement and enthusiasm that has been shown and we welcome more colleagues to find out more about how they can become involved in its work.

Please visit the Kyra Research School website at: kyra.researchschool.org.uk