Kyra Strategic Plan & Commitments 2015-17

Celebrating success: moving forward with ambition

The Kyra Teaching School Alliance is now entering its fourth year as a partnership of schools. During the past year we have seen more schools join and contribute to the work of our alliance – bringing our total number of members to over 30.

There is already much to celebrate….

Our capacity for school improvement continues to grow, not least through having recruited and trained a new cadre of Local Leaders of Education and Specialist Leaders of Education. These expert practitioners, based in Lincolnshire schools, are already using their skills and expertise to support improvement across the county. We have also established the Kyra ‘Early Years’ hub, which – through research and professional development – is having an immediate and positive impact on the work of practitioners serving children under five years old.

Our commitment to research has been further embedded this past year – both through our engagement and influence on the national ‘closing the gap’ project and though the growth of Professional Learning Communities of teachers and leaders across Lincolnshire. Our trainee teachers continue to receive the highest standard of support and preparation for the classroom, with each trainee being rated as good or outstanding upon graduation. Meanwhile, CPD and networking across the alliance is going from strength to strength, with colleagues from NQTs right through to Head teachers and Governors, receiving valued professional support.

So the basis for the next stage of Kyra’s development is strong.

Headteachers and senior leaders across Kyra are now determined to build upon what has been achieved so far, and to create a professional community that ensures every school and pupil in our partnership succeeds – without exception.

As an alliance, we will be aiming to achieve the ambitious set of ‘Kyra commitments’, set out in this document. We will report publically against these measures in July 2017.

Over the coming year, we will continue to also look beyond our alliance, as well as to the expertise within our schools, to inspire and inform our continuing development.

We are excited for our future as an alliance and for the opportunity we have to make a difference to children’s lives.

We will be #AmbitiousforChildren

Kyra Strategic Plan 2015-17

Kyra Strategic Plan Commitments 2015-17

Measuring our impact.

The Kyra alliance completed a ‘Needs and Impact’ survey in July 2016. We use this survey every year to measure the impact of Kyra provision – ensuring we all remain accountable – whilst also gathering colleagues’ feedback on future needs and developments. This approach is consistent with the Kyra vision and ‘hallmarks’ – both developed by our schools – which include a commitment to quality assurance and impact across our partnership. The vision and hallmarks can be found here:

Click here to read the results of the Kyra Needs and Impact Survey 2016