School to School Support

The Kyra Teaching School Alliance is a just a group of schools who know that sharing and working together to improve outcomes for children in our schools is a fulfilling and effective way of ensuring that no child and no school gets left behind. Our School to School Support team utilize the strength and talents of school leaders, who with credibility and a wealth of experience, can help schools in Lincolnshire improve. We offer a range of programmes, that can be personalised to your school and your needs. We have a team of National Leaders of Education (NLE), Local Leaders of Education (LLE) and Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE) who can work with you to put together a bespoke package of support. We are also able to offer a peer to peer review of any aspect of your school you want to improve.

Programmes such as:

  • School Self-Evaluation – how to engage your whole school community in purposeful school self-evaluation.
  • Assessment and Tracking – how to use data effectively to boost pupil performance.
  • Performance Management and Leadership Development
  • Teaching Assistants – how to use them effectively
  • Planning provision for children with SEND.
  • Literacy Subject Leader Development

For more information or to book a consultation email