New to Headship – Induction programme for new headteachers

The New to Headship programme is for Headteachers who have been new to role within the last 12 months. Participants can choose to register for individual sessions, or for the full programme.


AM or PM session £75

Full day £150

Whole programme £500

Location: Lincoln Carlton Academy, LN2 4AG

Programme details

Tuesday 19th September—Session 1 (AM)

  • Understanding governance
  • Headteacher reports to governors, SEF & SIP writing

Tuesday 19th September—Session 2 (PM)

  • Leading Performance Management with your staff

Tuesday 31st October—Session 3 (AM)

  • Safeguarding
  • ‘Red lines’ for leaders

Tuesday 31st October—Session 4 (PM)

  • Practical Finance—working with an SBM and Governors

Wednesday 24th January—Session 5 (AM)

  • Holding to account
  • Staffing, recruitment and retention

Wednesday 24th January—Session 6 (PM)

  • Schools Finance—budget setting

Tuesday 27th February—Session 7 (AM)

  • Leading change
  • Managing a team & managing yourself

Tuesday 27th February—Session 8 (PM)

  • Tools for leaders: self review, planning and change


Complete a booking form and return to

New to Headship 2017-18 BOOKING FORM