Frithville Primary School

Headteacher: Mr Paul Bargh

Frithville Primary is a small rural community school five miles to the North of Boston. In January 2010 Frithville Primary and New York Primary Schools federated.  This means there is a single Governing Body over the two schools comprising of local authority representatives, teaching staff, parents and community governors from both schools.

The staff and governors believe that every child has an entitlement to a broad and balanced education.  We are an inclusive school, which means that we receive children from all cultures and faiths and with a wide range of abilities and disabilities.  We are committed to enabling all our children to achieve high standards of attainment and to reach their potential whatever their abilities.  We are dedicated to ensuring that the needs of all the children are met and that everyone is fully included in the life of the school.

We know that children learn best when they are happy and secure.  We work hard to create a safe, caring and nurturing environment which encourages the children, but also the staff, to thrive.  We believe that a positive self-image is crucial and our ethos is built on the foundation of mutual respect and inclusivity.