NQT Induction & Training

Primary and Secondary schools can register NQTs starting their induction period in September 2016. 

Kyra offers 2 levels of support for schools with NQTs which are:

NQT Induction – Kyra is an Appropriate Body for NQT induction and can provide this service to primary and secondary schools

NQT Support – Kyra runs a range of training and support opportunities for primary NQTs and their Induction Tutors, designed  to complement and enhance the induction provided by the NQT’s employing school. To book or learn more about our support package click here

Statutory Induction of NQTs – NQTs working in primary and secondary schools

As an Appropriate Body, we have the main quality assurance role within the induction process, ensuring schools provide adequate support for their NQTs and that assessment is fair and consistent across institutions.  The relevant statutory guidance can be found at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/induction-for-newly-qualified-teachers-nqts

An NQT cannot start statutory Induction until their Appropriate Body has been agreed and the relevant registration paperwork submitted.  Schools may work with the Appropriate Body of their choice.


£300 per NQT

This includes the following:

  • Registration of NQTs and regular updates as required by NCTL;
  • An introductory session for NQTs and their induction tutor to provide essential guidance;
  • A NQT Induction Handbook that clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of NQTs, schools and Kyra as the Appropriate Body;
  • Document templates for use by schools;
  • Opportunities to build networks;
  • Email prompts regarding key actions and deadlines;
  • Point of contact to plan support when an issue is raised by the school, NQT or other stakeholder;
  • Administrative support through telephone, e-mail and website;
  • Assistance in planning additional targeted support and intervention, including on-site visits, where an NQT’s progress is causing concern;
  • Quality Assurance of 10% of NQTs.

NQT Induction Registration Form