Kyra Members’ Events

Members’ of the Kyra Teaching School Alliance can access a range of members only events which are scheduled throughout the year, the range of Events which we currently facilitate are:

Head & Governor Forums

The Headteacher & Governor Forums give school leaders the opportunity to be involved in the development of aspects of Kyra work, to engage with activities across the wider alliance, and to contribute to discussion around local and national issues. These are a powerful forum for networking, reflection and development.

Deputy Headteacher & Assistant Headteacher Forum

These are a powerful forum for networking, reflection and development, with the emphasis on the group shaping the agenda for future forums in order to best meet the needs of the group.

SLE Forum

Professional networking and opportunity for alliance and practitioner led development. SLE’s will be asked to contribute to this regular forum, which they themselves will shape and deliver to best meet their needs.

SBM & Administrator Forums

Our first SBM & administrators’ forum took place in the Spring Term 2016,  this is an opportunity to network and build working relationships with colleagues across the alliance, whilst exploring the opportunities that working collaboratively can bring.

Moderation Workshops – age group specified

These sessions are for practitioner, key stage and assessment leaders, senior leaders or Headteachers.  Colleagues will need to bring a selection of pupils work related to the designated age group. With facilitation, colleagues will benchmark against the judgements of others, and together will begin to formulate a series of exemplar materials for each stage of a child’s progress, against agreed age related expectations.

Data Dashboards & SEF Area Workshops

Providing school leaders with the opportunity to share and compare key areas f their school data and self evaluation documents. With facilitation, leaders will analyse key questions, review evidence from across alliance schools, and use the time to discuss, reflect and plan for improvement, as well as having the time to work on the key documents concerned.

The dates for all of these events are detailed on our website Calendar

For further information or to book events please contact Jude Smith on 07769661479 or by email