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The Kyra Journal is published 6 times per year. It contains news and updates on what’s happening within the alliance and each edition has a focus on one area of activity.

 July 2017

Togetherness through tighter times

A Warm Welcome to this edition of the Kyra Journal

As we all prepare for a much deserved summer break, we can
reflect on a year when the issue of school funding has loomed
large for so many of us. Even with the recent and very welcome
announcement of additional funding as part of the new National
Funding Formula (meaning that per pupil spend will now be
maintained in real terms) we must still work hard to ensure that
our money goes further. The message has to be ‘let’s prepare –
together – as best we can’.
Spending money efficiently and effectively so that it has the
maximum impact on pupils’ learning requires us to think differently and to work together. We need to look at how we procure services, maximise the talents of our staff, and consider our capacity for seeking additional funding and income generation so that we can make the most of every penny.


This edition of the journal shares some useful hints and tips. We’ve included a case study on how
Mount Street, Benjamin Adlard and Lincoln Carlton are sharing staff and expertise to reduce external
spend and make the most of talent. We’ve also included a focus on Marcus Adams who sets out how
school business managers in the county are collaborating – saving money and gaining better value
from suppliers as a result. Sarah Ginns has also provided some hints and tips on effective bid writing –
something schools are doing much more of in the current climate.
The key message is that by working together we can mitigate some of the challenges. The next few
years are still not going to be easy, but we must – where possible – begin to plan and to develop new
ways of working that ensures our schools and pupils can continue to thrive.
I hope you enjoy reading this edition of the journal. Have a lovely summer break!
Helen Barker

Kyra Journal July 2017 – Togetherness through Tighter Times

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