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The Kyra Journal is published 6 times per year. It contains news and updates on what’s happening within the alliance and each edition has a focus on one area of activity.

May 2017

Shaping the System; Sharing success

A Warm Welcome to this edition of the Kyra Journal

This year we are celebrating five years of the Kyra Teaching School Alliance. In many ways 2012 feels like light years ago and it is quite startling to look back and reflect on how much we have learnt as a group of schools and professionals during that time. I believe that the quality of our learning is the best measure of our success, and I am proud of Kyra’s work in areas such as teacher recruitment and training, school improvement, peer review, and in fostering a strong sense of partnership and vision between our schools.

There is still much to do. All of us at Kyra know that the challenges such as tighter funding, recruitment, and the need to create a curriculum that truly prepares children for their lives ahead, requires us to continue to work together in deep and ambitious partnership. However, we also have a responsibility to share our learning with the wider sector and I am delighted that this edition of the journal documents examples of where Kyra is helping others – be they in East Lincolnshire or in Cambridgeshire – to build a self-improving schools system. That is a key part of our legacy as a group of schools and I am proud of the fact that our work will benefit more children within and beyond Lincolnshire.

This journal also includes information on our new school improvement case studies – showcasing examples of schools from across Lincolnshire that have made huge strides forward during the last five years. Again, I hope that these case studies – which are freely available on our website and across social media – help to inform school improvement far and wide. We’ve also included information on our upcoming roundtable on primary assessment (including a summary of the Select Committee’s report of its inquiry into assessment – which Kyra leaders contributed towards), as well as a number of other dates for your diary.

I hope that you enjoy catching up on what’s happening within and across Kyra as much as I did.

Warmest wishes,

Marie-Claire Bretherton

Kyra Journal May 2017 – Shaping the System

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