p1010468-2On Wednesday 7th December, members of Kyra East School Council took a trip to London. Pupils from Gipsey Bridge Academy, Spilsby Academy, Kirkby-on-Bain, Mareham-le-Fen, Frithville and New York visited Parliament and the London Eye.

Representatives from each of the school councils learnt about how and why Parliament was created and how it has developed and changed throughout history.  Pupils followed in the steps taken by the Queen each year as she formally opens Parliament and stood in between the Peer benches where debates are held and decisions made.  It was wonderful to see the children forming new friendships and sharing new experiences; a trip we now plan to repeat!

11 Nov 2016
November 11th, 2016

Kyra Council – Music Workshop 11th November 2016


Fidler Music Workshop

Children from Lincoln Carlton Academy, Westgate Academy, Dunholme St Chads Primary School, Bishop King CE Primary School, Reepham CE Primary School, St Faiths CE Infant School, Toynton All Saints Primary school, Welton St Mary’s CE Primary School and Monks Abbey Primary school were represented at our first KYRA Kids Council. The session was delivered by Fidler Music and the

children completed 3 workshops. Look at what we got up to…

Here’s what the children had to say about the meeting…

“I really enjoyed playing the drums.” Max – Year 2 – St Faiths Infant School

“I enjoyed the guitars because I was able to play 4 notes.” Levi – Year 4 – Toynton All Saints

” I really enjoyed it especially the ukulele.” – Jake – Year 5

“I enjoyed playing the guitar and learning smoke on the water.” Archie – Year 5 – Reepham Primary

Thank you to everyone who attended and to Fidler Music for delivering a fantastic morning, the children left Carlton Academy felling very proud and excited about their achievements.

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08 Nov 2016
November 8th, 2016

Kyra East Council Meeting – 8th November 2016


Gipsey Bridge Academy were very proud to welcome Spilsby Academy, Mareham Le Fen, Kirkby-on-Bain, New York and Frithville Primary to the very first Kyra East School Council.  Gipsey Bridge Academy’s School Council introduced themselves and then led an activity where the schools representatives introduced themselves and said something that they loved about being on their school council.

Mrs Cockram, the Headteacher of Gipsey Bridge Academy, welcomed the schools and explained that the focus for today’s visit was evidence in and around the school that children are learning about the world.  This is part of this year’s School Development Plan and the school wanted to see and hear what the children thought.   Were they able to see that as a school we are focusing on learning about the world?

A learning walk took place, many children took this opportunity to talk to children in each class and to magpie ideas for their school.  The school was a buzz of activity as children explored and interacted with other children from different schools; it was pleasure to see. Please see a summary of each school’s notes:

New York: The children liked the sandpit and mud pit in Reception, the volcano slide in Class One and the different subjects taught in school.  They also liked the quiet area outside.

Kirkby-on-Bain: In Reception they found evidence of a map of Europe, role play area in a different country, the children are in the process of painting a plane for their airport and there are passports and luggage labels to be seen.

Around the school they found evidence of there having been an African Day in school, flags of other countries, questions about other countries, maps and the projects including aspects of other countries.

Spilsby Academy: Found evidence of maps, globes, an African Day display and Global Learning Programme display in the Library.

Frithville: Found evidence of the Global Learning Programme and felt the classrooms were creative.

Feedback from the pupils regarding the first Kyra East Council meeting included:

“My experience was very nerve wracking at the start.  It became a lot more relaxed after our second visit to class because we started to sort of joke and talk to each other to get to know each other.  I enjoyed today and it made me smile and when my friend told me how good the school was and when she showed me a full page of ideas for her school. “ Jovi Y6

“I think what went well was how shocked they were when they saw the field because it is very good.  I think what didn’t go as well was we didn’t get much written on our clipboard.” Olivia Y3

“I really enjoyed meeting new people from different schools and also taking them around the school.”  Ollie Y6

“My experience was really good.  I loved showing them how fabulous our school is.  I enjoyed how they understood everything that we do.  They asked really good questions and understood the answers.  I think maybe we could make our reading journals more neater like they said.”  Jaden Y6

“I loved this morning!  I would love to go to another school to learn about what they do.  Here is what they liked:  water fountain, lockers, being allowed pencil cases and trays under desks.  It was so much fun! “ Sophie Y5

“My experience was very good because out group was very talkative and said what was good and what was bad so we know.”  Lily-Grace Y6

“I enjoyed making new friends and being able to see what other classes in school are doing.  Also being able to know how they do things.”  Troy Y4

“I met lots of people some going to the same secondary school as me, it gave me an opportunity to compare ideas with people.” Bradley Y6

“I enjoyed showing people around the school because they like it.”  Phoebe Y2

It was a fabulous morning and it was wonderful to see children from different schools positively interacting and feeding into the peer review system.

Many thanks to Westgate Junior Academy in Lincoln for hosting the latest KYRA Council meeting.  The meeting was a huge success with 27 children from 7 different schools attending.  The 16 host children from Westgate Academy did an amazing job of making everyone feel welcome, providing refreshments and leading tours around the school.

The KYRA Council welcomed children from Woodlands Infant and Grimoldby Primary schools to their first meeting alongside regular members Monks Abbey, Gainsborough Parish, Dunholme St Chads, Bishop King and  Toynton All Saints.  The meeting began with Miss Marriott placing the children in teams to work together to create towers using art straws.  It was great to see the children communicating and working together, some amazing structures were created!

Following a short break (the biscuits went down a treat!) the children engaged in a learning walk to look for evidence of mathematical learning across the academy.  Towards the end of the morning the teams all came together to share what we had found, the children found that…

  • Maths displays around the academy were exciting.
  • Children’s mathematical work was celebrated through the use of classroom displays.
  • Games were available for the children to play to help them with their learning

The children were also asked to feedback to the teachers how the learning environment could be made even better in supporting mathematical learning, some of the suggestions included…

  • Having more evidence of the children’s learning on the walls
  • Having examples of different shapes to help the children with their understanding of shape.

A special thanks to Miss Marriott for organising the morning events and we look forward to the next meeting!

Westgate 4

It was great to see children from Years 1 to 6 all working together to make the meeting a success.


22 Apr 2016
April 22nd, 2016

Kyra Council – Den Building 19th April 2016

The latest KYRA Council meeting took place this morning at Toynton All Saints where the children participated in team building activities in the school’s woodland area.  What a fun filled and creative morning we had!  Children from Toynton, St Faith and St Martin, Bishop King, St Hugh’s, Dunholme St Chad and Monks Abbey were set the challenge of creating a fairy tale scene using natural resources.  It was fantastic to see the children from across the different schools all working together to create some spectacular settings.  Have a look at what we got up to…

Patricia and Enya from Bishop King were very proud after creating their first ever house of sticks.

“I am proud because I have never made anything like that before!” Enya

Josh (Y4) and Brooke (Y3) from Toynton created the setting for Little Red Riding Hood.

“We made a trap for the Big Bad Wolf!” Brooke

Lilly (Y5) from St Faith and St Martin created a model of the wolf using sticks and clay.

“There’s 2 colours for the eyes so they stand out.  His whiskers are made out of sticks so they don’t fall down.”

 Stephen (Y4) from St Hugh’s worked with his group to make a setting for Jack and the Beanstalk, they even had a giant hiding in the castle!

“I enjoyed making the castle out of sticks and elastic bands.”

Thank you very much to Mrs Coulthurst for hosting the event and making sure that the sun was shining for us!


17 Mar 2016
March 17th, 2016

Kyra Council Meeting – 17th March 2016

On the morning of 17th March, children from Monks Abbey, Bishop King, Westgate and Parish School in Gainsborough visited Dunholme St Chads Primary School. Children were exploring the learning environment, and were tasked with looking for ways in which themes were celebrated throughout the school. As ever, all the children were an absolute delight and represented their respective schools incredibly well. The hosts from Dunholme St Chads were polite, friendly, welcoming and understandably proud of their school. Many thanks to Dunholme for hosting us, and to Suzi Balasz for organising the morning so well.

KYRA Council is a unique collaboration of children from across the Teaching School Alliance, who work together and meet regularly to help improve and celebrate the rich variety of experiences in our schools.

The Council goes from strength to strength, so a huge thank you to all the schools who participate, sometimes travelling quite long distances. The next event is on 19th April at Toynton All Saints for an outdoor experience. If you would like further details on the work of the Children’s Council, please contact ben.carver@monksabbey.lincs.sch.uk or Jude Smith at KYRA.

03 Feb 2016
February 3rd, 2016

Kyra Council Meeting 2nd February 2016

Our latest visit was to Bishop King CE Primary School in Lincoln, on Tuesday 2nd February 2016. Yet again it was a hugely useful and interesting meeting, and children from 10 schools joined us for the largest meeting we’ve ever had! We were also joined by our first international visitors –some teachers from Poland were involved in the meeting and the learning walk. Schools involved were:

 Monks Abbey Primary School, Our Lady of Lincoln , Benjamin Adlard Academy, St George’s CE Primary, Leadenham Primary, Dunholme St Chad’s CE Primary, Mount Street Academy, Lincoln Carlton Academy & Westgate Academy

Our learning walk focused on British Values and the religious ethos in the school, and the feedback has been given to Headteacher Mrs Rouse. The children and staff from Bishop King were incredibly welcoming and polite; we even had homemade biscuits and were given gifts! Many thanks to everyone at Bishop King for their patience.

 KYRA Council is a unique collaboration of children from across the Teaching School Alliance, who work together and meet regularly to help improve and celebrate the rich variety of experiences in our schools. Our next visit will be to Dunholme St Chads CE Primary School, so look out for further details in the near future.

24 Nov 2015
November 24th, 2015

Kyra Council Meeting 24th November 2015

KYRA Council met on 24th November at Marton Primary School for a business meeting and learning walk. Children from Parish School, Ingham Primary, St Faiths and St Martins, Dunholme St Chads and Monks Abbey Primary enjoyed learning about Marton’s incredible work on energy saving and ecological issues. The children from Marton were wonderful ambassadors for the school and the community, and it was a really positive experience for all involved. Mr Stephenson has been given the children’s feedback from the learning walk, and we would like to say a huge thank you to him and the staff for inviting us to the school.

KYRA Council is a unique collaboration of children from across the Teaching School Alliance, who work together and meet regularly to help improve and celebrate the rich variety of experiences in our schools. Our next visits will hopefully be to Bishop King Primary School and Dunholme St Chads, so look out for further details in the near future.

If you would like more information, please contact simon.clark@monksabbey.lincs.sch.uk

21 Oct 2015
October 21st, 2015

Kyra Council Meeting – 21st October 2015

We were delighted to meet at the historic Lincoln Guildhall for our first Kyra Council of the new academic year, we had nine of the schools from Kyra Teaching Alliance represented during the meeting and after introducing the representatives from each school Mr Clark spoke to the group about Kyra and the role of the Kyra Council.

During the meeting the council discussed the  impact that the council has had in the past year and future events that they would like to plan. The pupils then had the fantastic opportunity to have a tour of Lincoln Guildhall and its historic artifacts.

21st October 2015 – Kyra Council Meeting minutes

Our next meeting is at Marton Primary School on the 24th November please contact Simon Clark for further information at simon.clark@monksabbey.lincs.sch.uk




Our work has been noticed in high circles! We were invited by Lincoln MP Karl McCartney to visit the Houses of Parliament in London, which happened on the Monday 19th October 2015. Representatives from Monks Abbey, SFSM, Our Lady of Lincoln and Toynton all Saints traveled to London and spent time in Parliament, with Karl McCartney, we had lunch and a visit to the British museum.

03 Jun 2015
June 3rd, 2015

Kyra Council Meeting – 4th June 2015

Many thanks to Benjamin Adlard Primary School for hosting us, and to all the children and staff who joined us. The children are beginning to make a real difference in schools, and their voice is really being heard. They were all a real credit to the Kyra partnership, and showed real leadership and committment to their role. Thank you to all. Read the minutes here.

The next business meeting will be on Tuesday 6th October at the Lincoln Guildhall , back where the Council began in June 2014. We will send more details out nearer the time, but if you want to put your name down early please let Simon know.

For more information, or to join this project, please contact Simon Clark Simon.Clark@monksabbey.lincs.sch.uk

Follow the Kyra Council @KYRAkids for updates

10 Feb 2015
February 10th, 2015

Kyra Council Meeting – 11th February 2015

Many thanks to those who attended our Kyra Council meeting at Mount Street Academy.

A few words from Simon Clark – leader of the Kyra Council “Yet again, the children were a credit to each and every school. I can testify to the fact that speaking at KYRA Council is a little nerve-racking, so the children were incredibly courageous to speak as clearly and confidently as they did. It was great to hear so many wonderful things going on in different schools – we have definitely pinched more than one great suggestion. And thanks to Mount Street children and staff for making us feel so welcome, and for allowing us to nosey around the classrooms as we did. As I have said before, having children involved in learning walks for school improvement in this way is very unusual, and possibly unique! This feedback will be passed to Mrs Nicoll at Mount Street, and I am sure it will be useful feedback.”

10 Oct 2014
October 10th, 2014

Kyra Council Meeting – 15th October 2014

At the second meeting of the KYRA Council, held on 15th October 2014 at Our Lady of Lincoln Catholic Primary School, these values were clear to all. The children at the meeting might have been different, but the enthusiasm, respect and creativity that was evident was the same as in June. Children conducted a learning walk around the school, participating directly in the School Improvement process for the first time. We are also hoping that upcoming events will include:

  • The Great KYRA Bake Off;
  • A den building challenge;
  • KYRA art exhibition;
  • A KYRA problem solving day;
  • The development of a KYRA sports league.

Take a look at the minutes of this meeting for the full list of ideas that we will continue to revisit at future meetings. And if you need any more information, or wish to join the KYRA Council, please get in touch.