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Early Years

Jane Ledger.

Early Years Project Lead

In response to the National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL), KYRA Teaching School Alliance took the opportunity to explore and test a regional hub model for Early Years, which could bring together all types of Early Years providers and develop practitioner led networks, provide peer support and challenge, and CPD opportunities. It also enabled working with other partnerships, such as Bishop Grosseteste University and the Birth to Five Service.  This work built on earlier research that Kyra had been involved in published by NCTL here.

This would embody the KYRA aims of:

Ambitious for children: always setting the bar high, even if it makes us feel uncomfortable, because by working together anything is possible.

A learning community: constantly understanding our needs and identifying best practice and research to generate a professional learning community. We are not afraid of asking for help, nor are we reserved in offering support & expertise wherever we can.

Builders of social capital: starting with the premise: ‘what can we give?’ rather than ‘what can we get?’ generates a rich community of mutual-support and professional generosity.

Quality & impact: holding ourselves to account with clear aims and targets that clearly link to children’s outcomes. As contributors, we will be open to the scrutiny of others, knowing that accountability & review is key to the continued success of any learning community.

Celebrating diversity: respecting the diversity of schools and members across our alliance. Seeing this as a strength whilst ensuring no one is excluded or left behind.

Moral Purpose: committed to the success of children and adults in all of our schools. Our opportunity is to achieve something truly transformational that translates into a better education system for all. We celebrate the successes of our partners as we would our own.

In short, we will harness our collective professionalism,

expertise, and moral purpose, to ensure no one is left behind,

and every school and individual in our partnership thrives –

to the benefit of all children.

The aim was to evaluate and test whether a joint practice model of CPD used across the range of Early Years providers could improve pedagogy, the quality of standards and provision.

  • Phase 1 used Triads of providers of the same organisational type to take part in the research so three childminders, three nursery teachers, etc worked together on evaluating a print rich environment around the outside sand area which would have an impact, particularly with boys learning.

    Phase 2 used cross organisational triads which embarked on evaluating how children with English as Additional Language made relationships with their peers and how this impacted on acquisition of English.


  • The Project is using the models of professional learning delivery likely to improve pupil outcomes.

    2015 Early Years Project Phase 3

    Funding was awarded by the National College to enable KYRA and other successful Teaching Schools to continue this research by enabling them to work with the Early Years sector to deliver quality improvement in Early Years Provision and creating the infrastructure locally to support this in a sustainable way.

    During 2015 the Project gained momentum. The Project Lead and seven coordinators are working with an ever increasing number of triads to continue this work over the next year, using action research methods to generate self-improvement activity within the Triads. In January 2016, more than 70 Early Years Settings are working as triads throughout Lincolnshire, including three triads of Childminders. Areas of work include EAL, parental involvement, storytelling, physical development and early communication. This work has been highlighted in the November edition of the Kyra Journal.

    The methods used and evidence collected by the triads will be  published on a new Early Years website currently being developed with other Lincolnshire Teaching Schools involved in the Early Years Project  in order to maintain impetus and to develop a learning community.

    Collaborative work with other Teaching schools in Lincolnshire, the Local Authority and Bishop Grosseteste University is continuing.

    A small number of Early Years Educator Leads have now been designated and are involved in developing their role. These Leads will be deployed through the Teaching School in work to help improve practice in a variety of settings who request their input.



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