At the second meeting of the KYRA Council, held on 15th October 2014 at Our Lady of Lincoln Catholic Primary School, these values were clear to all. The children at the meeting might have been different, but the enthusiasm, respect and creativity that was evident was the same as in June. Children conducted a learning walk around the school, participating directly in the School Improvement process for the first time. We are also hoping that upcoming events will include:

  • The Great KYRA Bake Off;
  • A den building challenge;
  • KYRA art exhibition;
  • A KYRA problem solving day;
  • The development of a KYRA sports league.

Take a look at the minutes of this meeting for the full list of ideas that we will continue to revisit at future meetings. And if you need any more information, or wish to join the KYRA Council, please get in touch.