Gipsey Bridge Academy were very proud to welcome Spilsby Academy, Mareham Le Fen, Kirkby-on-Bain, New York and Frithville Primary to the very first Kyra East School Council.  Gipsey Bridge Academy’s School Council introduced themselves and then led an activity where the schools representatives introduced themselves and said something that they loved about being on their school council.

Mrs Cockram, the Headteacher of Gipsey Bridge Academy, welcomed the schools and explained that the focus for today’s visit was evidence in and around the school that children are learning about the world.  This is part of this year’s School Development Plan and the school wanted to see and hear what the children thought.   Were they able to see that as a school we are focusing on learning about the world?

A learning walk took place, many children took this opportunity to talk to children in each class and to magpie ideas for their school.  The school was a buzz of activity as children explored and interacted with other children from different schools; it was pleasure to see. Please see a summary of each school’s notes:

New York: The children liked the sandpit and mud pit in Reception, the volcano slide in Class One and the different subjects taught in school.  They also liked the quiet area outside.

Kirkby-on-Bain: In Reception they found evidence of a map of Europe, role play area in a different country, the children are in the process of painting a plane for their airport and there are passports and luggage labels to be seen.

Around the school they found evidence of there having been an African Day in school, flags of other countries, questions about other countries, maps and the projects including aspects of other countries.

Spilsby Academy: Found evidence of maps, globes, an African Day display and Global Learning Programme display in the Library.

Frithville: Found evidence of the Global Learning Programme and felt the classrooms were creative.

Feedback from the pupils regarding the first Kyra East Council meeting included:

“My experience was very nerve wracking at the start.  It became a lot more relaxed after our second visit to class because we started to sort of joke and talk to each other to get to know each other.  I enjoyed today and it made me smile and when my friend told me how good the school was and when she showed me a full page of ideas for her school. “ Jovi Y6

“I think what went well was how shocked they were when they saw the field because it is very good.  I think what didn’t go as well was we didn’t get much written on our clipboard.” Olivia Y3

“I really enjoyed meeting new people from different schools and also taking them around the school.”  Ollie Y6

“My experience was really good.  I loved showing them how fabulous our school is.  I enjoyed how they understood everything that we do.  They asked really good questions and understood the answers.  I think maybe we could make our reading journals more neater like they said.”  Jaden Y6

“I loved this morning!  I would love to go to another school to learn about what they do.  Here is what they liked:  water fountain, lockers, being allowed pencil cases and trays under desks.  It was so much fun! “ Sophie Y5

“My experience was very good because out group was very talkative and said what was good and what was bad so we know.”  Lily-Grace Y6

“I enjoyed making new friends and being able to see what other classes in school are doing.  Also being able to know how they do things.”  Troy Y4

“I met lots of people some going to the same secondary school as me, it gave me an opportunity to compare ideas with people.” Bradley Y6

“I enjoyed showing people around the school because they like it.”  Phoebe Y2

It was a fabulous morning and it was wonderful to see children from different schools positively interacting and feeding into the peer review system.