Many thanks to Westgate Junior Academy in Lincoln for hosting the latest KYRA Council meeting.  The meeting was a huge success with 27 children from 7 different schools attending.  The 16 host children from Westgate Academy did an amazing job of making everyone feel welcome, providing refreshments and leading tours around the school.

The KYRA Council welcomed children from Woodlands Infant and Grimoldby Primary schools to their first meeting alongside regular members Monks Abbey, Gainsborough Parish, Dunholme St Chads, Bishop King and  Toynton All Saints.  The meeting began with Miss Marriott placing the children in teams to work together to create towers using art straws.  It was great to see the children communicating and working together, some amazing structures were created!

Following a short break (the biscuits went down a treat!) the children engaged in a learning walk to look for evidence of mathematical learning across the academy.  Towards the end of the morning the teams all came together to share what we had found, the children found that…

  • Maths displays around the academy were exciting.
  • Children’s mathematical work was celebrated through the use of classroom displays.
  • Games were available for the children to play to help them with their learning

The children were also asked to feedback to the teachers how the learning environment could be made even better in supporting mathematical learning, some of the suggestions included…

  • Having more evidence of the children’s learning on the walls
  • Having examples of different shapes to help the children with their understanding of shape.

A special thanks to Miss Marriott for organising the morning events and we look forward to the next meeting!

Westgate 4

It was great to see children from Years 1 to 6 all working together to make the meeting a success.