The latest KYRA Council meeting took place this morning at Toynton All Saints where the children participated in team building activities in the school’s woodland area.  What a fun filled and creative morning we had!  Children from Toynton, St Faith and St Martin, Bishop King, St Hugh’s, Dunholme St Chad and Monks Abbey were set the challenge of creating a fairy tale scene using natural resources.  It was fantastic to see the children from across the different schools all working together to create some spectacular settings.  Have a look at what we got up to…

Patricia and Enya from Bishop King were very proud after creating their first ever house of sticks.

“I am proud because I have never made anything like that before!” Enya

Josh (Y4) and Brooke (Y3) from Toynton created the setting for Little Red Riding Hood.

“We made a trap for the Big Bad Wolf!” Brooke

Lilly (Y5) from St Faith and St Martin created a model of the wolf using sticks and clay.

“There’s 2 colours for the eyes so they stand out.  His whiskers are made out of sticks so they don’t fall down.”

 Stephen (Y4) from St Hugh’s worked with his group to make a setting for Jack and the Beanstalk, they even had a giant hiding in the castle!

“I enjoyed making the castle out of sticks and elastic bands.”

Thank you very much to Mrs Coulthurst for hosting the event and making sure that the sun was shining for us!