Kyra Associate Members

One of our promises to each other within the Kyra Teaching School Alliance is that we will be a learning community: constantly understanding our needs and identifying best practice and research to generate a professional learning community. We are not afraid of asking for help, nor are we reserved in offering support & expertise wherever we can.

To this end we have created a role within our alliance for Kyra Associate Members. The Associate role is one that provides external challenge to our alliance and inspires our schools, teachers and leaders through their relationships with national and international experts.

An associate will be a recognised ‘national expert’ in education. All our associate members have committed to supporting Kyra’s strategy and development providing challenge and input to our members annually at Heads’ forums and Steering groups, as well as contributing to our journal.

We are delighted to announce our associate members.

Sir Tim Brighouse

Tim BrighouseSir Tim Brighouse began his career by completing a degree in modern history at Oxford University, where he trained to be a teacher in 1961. He continued to teach at various levels for several years. His career in educational administration includes the position of Chief Education Officer in both Oxfordshire and Birmingham, where his work was quoted by Ofsted as “an example to all others of what can be done, even in the most demanding urban environment”.

During his tenure as Professor of Education at Keele University he founded the “Centre for Successful Schools”. He completed his full time career in education as Commissioner for London Schools in 2007. Sir Tim is a charismatic, inspirational speaker and typical comments about him from Education Ministers are “He exceeded expectations,” & “He brought incredible energy.”

Sir Tim spoke at our first new Headteacher Induction Programme in 2015 and inspired and encouraged a cohort of new headteachers as they began their leadership journey.

Maggie Farrar CBE

Maggie has extensive experience of strategic leadership, leadership development, and the leadership of change in Maggie-Farrar-2schools and localities. She has worked in London and Birmingham in senior leadership positions in schools and local authorities. For ten years she was a senior leader at the National College for School leadership serving as the Director for leadership development, research and succession planning and more recently as interim Chief Executive. Maggie is currently working on leadership development for self improving, autonomous and complex school systems, the leadership of a creative and engaging curriculum, growing the next generation of leaders for 21st century schools, and building the capacity of schools and communities so they are more able to transform children’s life chances and close gaps in achievement.

Maggie is working with Ministries of Education and school leaders in Australia, China, and India on school reform and leadership development. She has a particular skill in facilitating strategic seminars bringing together school leaders, policy officials and others to debate the future of schooling and the role of school leaders. She is also skilled in working with groups of schools to secure more effective collaboration and achieve sustainable impact.

Maggie has worked with Kyra since January 2014 when she led our first ever Development Day. She challenged and supported us as we got clear on our vision and developed our Kyra promises to each other. She returned in October 2015 to help us review our impact as an alliance and set our strategic direction for the future in Lincolnshire.

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Kate McKenna

Kate McKennaKate has extensive experience of working in Children’s Services, across a range of public, private and voluntary sector organisations as a practitioner, senior leader, regulator, consultant, facilitator, and executive coach. She began her career, in Lincolnshire, as an early year’s practitioner in 1980, working in both education and social care settings. She set up and managed the first Early Years and Childcare Service and Early Years Development and Childcare Partnership for Leicestershire in 1998 and has worked as an early year’s inspector (education and childcare) for local authorities and Ofsted.

Following her local authority senior leadership experience Kate went to work as the Early Years Policy Officer for the National Children’s Bureau and latterly the Gatsby Childrens Communication Project (The Big Wide Talk). She left the charitable sector in 2003 to work in the Civil Service, based in the Government Office East Midlands, as a Strategic Development Officer and Regional Manager for the East Midlands SureStart and Childrens Fund Team.

Kate’s extensive early years’ experience has been broadened over the years through experience of working as a Local Authority Assistant Director of Children services, as the Regional Programme Lead for the Training and Development Agency for Schools and Operations Manager for the East Midlands Leadership Centre. She is also a qualified Executive Coach.

Kate now managers her own company, enjoying a broad portfolio including developing leadership and system leadership in Local Authority Childrens services and the education sector nationally and internationally. She also works with a number of specialist organisations focusing on supporting improved outcomes for vulnerable populations.

Kate’s passion for improving early childhood experiences and provision endures through her work. She worked as one of only three Early Years Associates with the National College for Teaching and Leadership and the Children’s Improvement Board for three years and ensures that the early years’ sector is integrated into the work that she now undertakes. She is a lively facilitator and public speaker and uses her coaching skills to empower improvements by releasing potential in others.

Kate has worked to support Kyra’s ground breaking work in early years’ cross sector improvement activity and is delighted and proud to join the organisation as an associate member.